JUUL | FROST ARCHITECTS is an innovative and internationally orientated practice with expertise in urban, built and landscape architecture. Space for experiences, context mapping and respect for future users are common elements in all our projects. We use an investigative and analytic approach to gain full understanding of the task at hand. Dialogue-based planning is the instrument that insures complete solutions and creates a common frame of reference for all involved parties.

Performative Aesthetics in Urban Space

The project is an industrial PhD, based at JUUL | FROST Architects with the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial change, Research Unit MOSPUS (space, place, mobility and urban studies) as the academic collaborator.

The project focuses on the aesthetic urban space as a strategy for urban development. It examines the connections between the aesthetical, physical design of the urban space, the experiences of the urban space as well as the social life forms reacting to it.
The overall goal of the project is to analyze the aesthetic qualities of the urban space as a specific strategy for urban development.



PhD student:

Kristine Samson, MA in Modern Culture.

Counsellor/process guidance:

Helle Juul, Architect MAA and PhD.

University counsellor:

John Pløger, Urban Sociologist, Roskilde University Centre


Troels Degn Johansson, Professor, the Danish Design School




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